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Oracle® Owners Manual
Important Information

  • Severe dehydration and excessive water loss may cause false low results. If you believe you are suffering from severe dehydration, consult a healthcare professional immediately.

  • Test results below 3.3 mmol/L*1 mean low blood glucose (hypoglycemia). Test results greater than 13.3 mmol/L*2 mean high blood glucose (hyperglycemia). If you get results below 3.3 mmol/L or above 13.3 mmol/L, and do not have symptoms, first repeat the test. If you have symptoms or continue to get results that fall below 3.3 mmol/L or above 13.3 mmol/L, follow the treatment advice of your healthcare professional.

  • Apply only capillary whole blood sample to the absorbent hole. Applying other substances to the absorbent hole will cause inaccurate results.

  • If you are experiencing symptoms that are not consistent with your blood glucose test results and you have followed all instructions described in this owner’s manual, call your healthcare professional.

  • Inaccurate results may occur in severely hypotensive individuals or patients in shock. Inaccurate low results may occur for individuals experiencing a hyperglycemic-hyperosmolar state, with or without ketosis. Critically ill patients should not be tested with blood glucose meters.

  • Please refer to the test strip package insert for additional important information.

  • *1: Kahn, R., and Weir, G.: Joslinís Diabetes Mellitus, 13th ed. Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger (1994), 489.

    *2: Krall, L.P., and Beaser, R.S.: Joslin Diabetes Manual. Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger (1989), 261-263.

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