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The download files below represent the various
guides which are included with your
Oracle® Blood Glucose Products.

Oracle® Downloads

# Owner's Manual
# Oracle Onyx™ Owner’s Manual
Download Your Logbook Diabetes Testing Logbook
# Oracle® Test Strip Manual
# Oracle® Lancet Device Instructions
 Quick Reference Guide Front
 Quick Reference Guide Back

Oracle® Audio Guides:

# Introduction
# Table of Contents
# Section  1: Important Information Before Use
# Section  2: Contents of the System
# Section  3: Orientation to Your Meter
# Section  4: How to Maintain Your Meter
# Section  5: Orientation to Your Test Strips
# Section  6: How to Maintain Your Test Strips
# Section  7: Orientation to EZ Health Oracle Control Solutions
# Section  8: How to Maintain EZ Health Oracle Control Solutions
# Section  9: How to Change the Batteries
# Section 10: How to Set the Meter and Delete the Memory
# Section 11: How to Perform a Control Solution Test
# Section 12: Testing Your Blood Glucose
# Section 13: How to Read Your Blood Glucose Test Results
# Section 14: Reviewing the Historical Results from the Meter Memory
# Section 15: Transmitting Historical Results to Your Computer
# Section 16: How the Meter Reports an Error to You
# Section 17: Problem Solving Tips and Solutions for Operating the System
# Section 18: About Alternative Site Testing (AST)
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