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Oracle® Diabetes Management System
Using the Print Menu

In this menu, you can print out the reports according to the measurement interval you selected.

Point to print_button to start this feature.

  1. Click the Print Data (BG) button and the screen shows as Figure 13. Select the date interval or a specific date range at first.

  2. Figure 13

  3. If you select the date interval. Click down arrow and five intervals shows from the drop-down list. Select the desired one.

  4. If you select a specific date range. Click down arrow and select the desired date, or directly typing the number. Select measurement interval. Click down arrow and 8 intervals show in the drop-down list. Select the desired one.

  5. The Report name is set as a default by the program. Select the grouping unit by clicking down arrow.

  6. Click OKbutton button to confirm. The blood glucose report shows and presents according to the options you selected.

  7. Click print (from the toolbar in the top) to print out the report.

  1. You cannot save the Blood glucose report in your PC. This report is only for printing.

  2. This report does not provide treatment recommendations. Before determining and using this report, please consult your Health Care Professional.

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