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Oracle® Diabetes Management System
Using the Graph Menu

In this menu, you can view the blood glucose data in a graph.

Point your mouse to data icon to start this function.

Format of BG graph

Click BG graph button, the screen shows as Figure 11.

Figure 11.

   Item    What it means
   1. Date    X-axis reflects the unit you chose from “Grouping Unit”, including date, time, day and measurement interval.
   2. Glucose (mmol/L)    Y-axis shows the glucose unit you chose from “Software setting”.
   3. Data point    The red dot “round_red” stands for the individual glucose readings.
   4. Data average point    The blue square “blue_square” stands for the average of individual glucose readings in each column.
   5. Data information    Point to the dot and data information displays.
  The data information will display two boxes, one box for date and time, another for the blood glucose value.
   6. Target range area    Gray area reflects the glucose level you set in “Personal setting”.
   7. Out of target area    Appears in light yellow color. It reflects the range beyond target you set.

Construct your BG graph

  1. Click BG Graph. Select the date interval or a specific date range to organize your data. (Figure 12)

  2. Figure 12

  3. If you select the date interval. Click down arrow and five intervals shows from the drop-down list. Click OKbutton button and your data will be presented at the interval you selected.

  4. If you select a specific date range. Select a specific date by clicking down arrow or directly typing the number. Then select measurement interval by clicking down arrow. Next, determine the grouping unit by clicking down arrow , which will be reflected in the X-axis.

  5. Click OKbutton button to confirm. The data will be presented at the specific interval you selected.

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