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Oracle® is manufactured by Tremblay Harrison Inc., a world leader in the development and manufacture of professional and consumer health products.
About Tremblay Harrison Inc.

The company began as an innovative manufacturer of leading edge, high quality, rapid diagnostic tests for the medical community. The company designs and manufactures products that are extremely reliable and simple to use.

Our Minute Lab® line of professional tests is used worldwide by physicians, laboratories, clinics, treatment centers, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies.

For more information on our Minute Lab® products, please visit

ISO 13485  Quality System

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To ensure the quality of our product for you, our friendly staff follow an ISO 13485 registered quality management system

Recognizing a need for the high quality, innovative, simple to use products in the consumer market, Tremblay Harrison began to manufacture the EZ Health® line of home health products.

We apply the expertise developed for making professional equipment to our EZ Health® line.

At EZ Health® each product is designed to be accurate, reliable and easy to use.

If you need any information please email us at info @ oraclediabetes . com   
or call us toll free at 1-866-829-7926.


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